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Oregon State Hanmadang wins prestigious Sports Leadership Award.

The Oregon State Hanmadang is now a NON-PROFIT 501(c)(3)! Please consider becoming a sponsor and receive great visibility throughout the pre-launch and the event.

Visiting from out of town? Our Sports Commission is here to help with the event and provide resources and information for participants, VIPs and fans. Explore our picks for dining options and fun activities for the whole family.

NEW FOR 2023

• Kukkiwon Moo Do Style Team Sparring, non-daedo, teams of 3 or 5

• Black Belts: recruiters will be scouting this event for participation in the US OPEN National Hanmadang 2023 in Colorado Springs



Early Bird Registration opens 1/1/23: $75 for two events + $10/additional event
4/1/23-event date: $90 for two events + $10/additional event


Adults: $10 / Kids under 5 FREE at the door

“I was in attendance at Oregon’s first Hanmadang and witnessed first hand the success
of the event. Washington, California and Oregon have a large martial art population.
Now that schools all over the Pacific Northwest have heard of the event, they will come.”
– Grandmaster Doug Fuechsel, Executive Director of the US OPEN National Hanmadang


Martial Art Expo, Friday, May 5, 2023

Registration and credential pick up for Tournament opens 6pm
• Featured demo team: East-West Kung Fu, Sifu Joel Hazzard and Sifu Jesse Gottesman
• Guest masters presentations: Lindsey Wei of Wudang White Horse doing Tai Chi, Sword & Fan forms and Davey Jackson doing Capoeira
• Extreme trick kick competition, $100 prize money, audience chooses winner
• NEW! Kukkiwon Moo Do style team sparring, non-daedo, teams of 3 or 5
• Tatami sword cutting contest
• Korean archery: learn to shoot a traditional bow w/ Master Dean
• Vendor Booths available
• Record attempts in power breaking and single elimination events
• Demo teams, key divisions and demographics have a chance to qualify for award funds through the Champions Education Fund

Tournament, Saturday, May 6

  • Taekwondo Traditional/Creative forms (Ind/Team w or w/o weapons)
  • Karate forms (with & w/o weapons)
  • Kung fu forms (with & w/o weapons)
  • Hapkido paired defense & falling (Height & distance)
  • Power breaking (Palm heel/Step side & Back kick)
  • Individual Creative Combo Breaking (up to 7 boards)
  • Speed Hook Board-breaking (30 seconds)
  • Single elimination events: (Distance & height) Flying side, Jump front, 360 Jump back kick
  • Demo Team Competition
  • Archery (Stationary & dynamic, Thumb release or Mediterranean draw)


Professional Photo Packages Available on-site starting at just $20

• Have a professional photo be taken in your uniform

• Photos can be taken before/after competition or after you receive a medal.

• Kids or adults

• Take a photo by yourself, with siblings who are competing, with your team or teacher

• Receive glossy prints and/or digital files

• Pick up an order form at the photo booth, fill it out, get in the que for the pic and receive your photos within a few hours.

• Cash, Credit card or Checks are accepted.


Experience Virtual Reality at the Hanmadang

MultiVRse will have a full set up where you can experience the newest in VR entertainment.

Create your own shirt on-site!

Choose designs from the available selection and the friendly Threadbare staff will heat press them to the shirt before your eyes. We’ll have a few styles and sizes available. Or bring your own shirt or canvas tote and they can adhere designs onto your item (cotton fabrics work best).