Win 529 college savings funds

529 College Savings Fund Manager

The Oregon State Hanmadang provides College funding to winners of the event.

A 529 college savings plan is a state-sponsored investment plan that enables you to save money for a beneficiary and pay for education expenses. You can withdraw funds tax-free to cover nearly any type of college expense. 529 plans may offer additional state or federal tax benefits.

• Demo teams, key divisions and demographics have a chance to qualify for award funds.
• Thank you Rodger Deevers for providing a $1,000 match to the funds we are raising!
• Every single dollar raised comes back to the winners of the Oregon State Hanmadang.
• Please contact Rodger Deevers if you plan to make a contribution so that your organization or you personally are acknowledged for the gift.
• Donations are tax deductible.

2022 Scholarship and Laptop Winners

Left photo, left to right: Logan Sharp, Kameron Eidenschink, Summer Levin. Right photo, left to right: Jessica Ahrenholtz of Next Step, Anna Rivera, Jeremiah Kent, Nicholas Ruse, Matthew Forgey, Jasper Foley.

Not pictured: Taylor Berg, Leighana Sharp

Title Sponsor: Livewire Electric Barbara & Jeff Lozar with Reese

529 Scholarship Education Fund/Silver sponsor: Irina Pack of Collis Wealth Management Group

Event organizers: M. Tim Greathouse and Lada Korol

Thank you to:
• Irina Pack of Collis Wealth Management Group for the 529 Education Funds
• Champions Education Fund for matching the 529 Fund donations.
• Jessica Ahrenholtz of Next Step for your generous donation of the touchscreen laptops for our winners.
• Deevers & Sons for the $400 in cash prizes toward the education funds.