Vendor information

General Liability Insurance

It is HIGHLY recommended you have a Certificate of Liability Insurance for this event. Oregon State Hanmadang and Willamalane Park and Recreation District are NOT responsible for any damages at or due to your booth. Your current insurance carrier should be able to supply you a Certificate of Coverage for the two days of the event.

Insurance Requirements

The Vendor shall purchase and maintain insurance of the following types of coverage and limits of liability.

      1. Event Specific or Commercial General Liability with limits of insurance not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence, $1,000,0000 Personal Injury & Advertising, $1,000,000 Products/Completed and $1,000,000 Annual Aggregate.
      2. Your agent must agree to mail “Written Notice of Prior Cancellation” within 30 days advance, 10 days for non-payment.
      3. Provide Certificates of Insurance for the following;
        1. Oregon State Hanmadang
          439 W 2nd Ave
          Eugene, OR 97401-2523
        2. Willamalane Park and Recreation District
          250 South 32nd Street
          Springfield, OR 97478

If you do NOT currently have liability insurance, here is a link to the event insurance page if you need an option. It’s $74.76 total cost.

Free entry for 2 booth vendors

Please check in at registration to get up to two vendor badges. We’ll have a piece of paper with your name on the vendor floor for easy navigation. Feel free to print the vendor map below but please know just a bit of shuffling may happen at the last minute so we properly accommodate everyone, especially those who require electricity.

Swag Bags and VIP special deal envelopes due 4/25!!!

• We are making 150 swag bags, provided by Heal Better Cryotherapy. You can put any info or swag in them that you wish. These will only be distributed to local participants, if there are extras, they will go to volunteers.
• We are making 36 Vendor/sponsor VIP envelopes. You can put any flat marketing materials or special deals for the vendors into them.
***Please deliver your swag to Core Star Center Tu/Th 10-11:15am or any week day 4-7pm. Address is 439 W 2nd Ave, Eugene, OR 97401. Please label items. If classes are in session, you can drop off your goodies into one of the middle shelves in a tall dark brown shoe shelf as you walk right into the studio. Otherwise you can find Tim Greathouse and hand the items to him.

Raffle Items

We’d be elated if you bring a raffle item for the main raffle and of course, you’re welcome to do any of your own raffles and activities at your booth. Please bring raffle item to the event itself.


If you change your needs for electricity after you filled out your original form, let us know. There are LIMITED outlets in vendor area. Bring own commercial grade 25-50 ft extension cord just in case AND appropriate grade power strip with surge protector or own power bank.

Tables and Chairs

Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables and chairs. If you’re driving in/flying from out of town and need a table and chairs, let us know. Table must fit into your 8×8′ booth. Bring own tablecloths and all necessary setup hardware & materials. We can’t attach anything to venue walls! Ok to bring a free-standing backdrop or free-standing banners. All booths will be placed in a location assigned by Management.

Booth size is 8×8′ and details

Please do not bring canopies unless absolutely necessary for your booth. This is an indoor event and we want everyone to be able to see all the action. Bring your own tape, scissors, signage, attachments, whatever is needed for your booth. This is NOT a pipe & drape event due to needing visibility throughout the venue. You may bring a folding screen as most booths will not have a backdrop. Screens provide a cozy backdrop for your booth, especially if you’re in the center quadrants. Prices are the same for corner booths vs in-line booths. If you have a very specific need for your booth, let us know!

FRIDAY Load In/Load Out times and info

NO PARKING IN FIRE LANE, NOT EVEN FOR A MINUTE per Bob Keefer rules. Load in thru front doors: 1:30-4pm. Bring your own hand carts. Only two are available at Willamalane and they get snatched up quickly by the event team. Do NOT drive toward front doors. Pick up Vendor Bracelet/badge at entry. Expo event hours are 4-9:30pm. If you’re only vending Friday, load out as you see fit toward the end of the event.

Saturday Load In/Load Out

Load in and doors open at: 7:30am. Archery starts at 8am. Main event starts at 9am. It’s ok to sleep in a tad if you need, attendees trickle in by 9am. Event ends at 6pm. Ok to leave by 5pm if it’s thinning out earlier. Sat only vendors: please set up Friday evening if you’d like.

Don’t leave valuables overnight. Oregon State Hanmadang and Bob Keefer Center not responsible for personal property.

Cancellation Policy:

Full fee is due on sign up to secure your spot. You may cancel up to two weeks prior to event for full refund. 50% refund if you cancel reservation within 2 weeks of event. In case of Covid-19 or other “Act of God” that may cancel the tournament, there are NO REFUNDS. Your funds and reservation will be transferred to next event date in 2025.

Vendor map